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hope 1.0
they'll always want you around,
always make you feel like you belong,
convince you it will get better
- but ultimately, they are wrong.
they know no joy in release,
never thought of the damage in your head,
wish for you to tighly hold on,
regardless of how much you bled.
they give you a reason to breathe,
keep you awake for long hours at night.
two wishes - one to endure and survive,
and to die defeated, being a neverending fight.
they'll always keep you around,
always welcome you despite all,
watch closely, if at the end of the line
you will stand, or you will fall.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 10 3
there ain't no joy in passing away,
to the last second of someone's last breath
- it brings an end to all, good or bad,
giving it to the unforgiving embrace of death.
there is no beauty in being gone,
an end to life that will be mourned
- to the end of the life of a child
a mother, to protect, has once sworn.
there is no good in the perishing before its time
of a soul that once mattered and shined,
- but no one's memory ever truly goes,
if it helped you find your own light.
there is joy in love and remembrance
of those who no longer walk this earth,
and although death is brutally sobering,
to experience the world it's always worth.
there is beauty in shameless celebration
of what makes us human and happy in being alive,
- for death is not truly an end to all,
but a next chapter in an extraordinary life.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 9 2
writing some words of goodbye in your diary, never less prouder
the voices are clear and steady, but keep getting louder
- they sing for release, for freedom, to forget
to erase the human burden of regret.
whatever started this hell may be long past in time,
yet it haunts your days, every second of your time.
the more you want to stop it, the bigger force it has,
always watching you like a skilled hunter's eyes
you try, but those shades darken your every last hour,
siphoning from your heart every ounce of your power,
suffocating you in the depths of your pain,
leaving only an empty shell with a name.
and you know you have no choice but to give in and cower,
those phantom assassins chaining you in their iron maiden tower
- the ties that drain, but never quite kill
suppressing not your breath, but all you are and your will.
the prison only for the most damned and soured,
for the safety of all life to better be locked up and devoured.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 8 2
Long ago I fought with myself,
blinded to what was before me.
Thought the sun was not for me,
lived in the night,
hiding from the day that abhorred me.
And when in this darkness your spirit caught up with mine,
I didn't falter.
I was ready to stop letting the world be my bother.
Even when you're an universe away,
your warmth will always be close to mine,
being my guiding light within.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 9 1
=no title=
nothing compares to you, indeed.
each minute of your silence makes my skin bleed,
and digs down at me, furious as a hurt beast.
but what's your reason, tell me why you remain, at least?
if i'm such a bother in your days, why don't you leave?
don't stay by my side, i have nothing more to feed
your greed and vengeance, sick hunger for power
all to blame myself for something i haven't done
why destroy me
claim it's all for my own good
when our friendship never even truly begun?
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 4 2
of helping a dead man
i look through your eyes, see only pain and disgrace
what happened to your beautiful face?
once shining in life, now but a dead shell
what silenced your smile, can i dispel your hell?
breathe, breathe, no matter what cost
even if all seems so completely lost
because fresh air will come soon,
your lungs will clear,
the change you long for dearly approaches near.
the skies will open to take your wrath away,
and the weight from your heart will fall
the darkness won't stay.
you may feel despair now, but it will fade,
you will no longer be afraid.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 11 3
Never been this far away
from everything I held dear in my life,
when my inner poison led me astray
and I let it corrupt my days into strife.
Never fell so far apart,
from all I loved in my young days
when a cruel gloom captured my heart
and turned my colours into grays.
Never have I lingered this distant
from what was once so soothing and close ,
when my happy days became non existent
and in the tides I gave in, morose.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 5 2
You were like a beacon of hope to me
- golden, your presence led me astray,
when I once entered unknown grounds
and you suddenly came my way.
A familiar feeling has bound me to your side.
I haven't felt fear, just a sweet, calming light.
I was safe with you, so strong, so wise
could you be my muse in this world so trite?
You shielded me from all wrong, I helped you feel better.
Even when you found love, there was no goodbye dismay.
Yet now she's gone, I can't look at you in the same way...
a shock of cold December in brief warmth of May.
Suddenly, in my own sick thoughts I lay
when you touch me, I can't stand it, I melt with adoration.
My mind heats with guilt whenever I see your eyes,
from a brother, you turned into a tempting aberration.
You don't feel the same for me, yet I can't leave you alone,
nor beg you to leave me first, for I'm still your friend
and don't want to be gone from the prose of your life,
which I once entered and never once betrayed.
Many times for this corruption
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 4 1
no one
I don't love no one,
I don't adore no one,
I don't cry for no one,
I regret for no one.
Right now, when I sit here, surrounded by city light,
I'll bring myself down for what I did to land myself in this fight;
I don't know what forced me to say those cruel words anymore,
I'm aware it killed our friendship forevermore.
And later, when the sun sets, I'll be lonely.
In every passing day and night, I'll be lonely.
I want to turn back time, plug the hole somehow,
even though it's too late to repair this sinking boat now...
My clear thoughts form around only one thing, and it's you.
You've been a gift to me, yet I've become dirt to you
and I accept the blame, for I've become no one in your life to mourn
and nothing can be mended, for now, time must go on.
I don't know if I'm to remain in this guilt forever,
apologies are meaningless, our connection must be severed.
I only hope that one day I can be forgiven,
all I could of myself, I have already given.
Once, I have loved someone, through my
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 8 3
let me go
The purity of your unwavering love
is better than I will ever be.
I try, I wish to force myself to listen
but I don't know what you see in me.
You tell me there is a lot good in me
and I'm capable of more, that I could come back from any brink
but you only have one perspective, one of your own
if you could see things with my eyes, what would you think?
Would what you think of me change,
if you saw how much hatred I harbour in my heart?
Hatred that consumes all that happens to me,
hatred that ruins everything in me,
hatred for everything I am, since my life's very start?
Would your unbroken belief in me shatter,
if you saw my actions towards every kind soul?
I disbelief their love,
mistrust their help,
crumbling under what life gives me on its platter.
Everyday I fail everyone that may think well of me,
and I'm past the time of seeking sympathy.
What is it that makes you still believe in me?
What is it that makes you still remain in my life,
let alone believe in me,
when there's nothing
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 14 9
a curious, open mind
not always has it easy
some places restrict free thought from birth
on a planet of hardened hearts
unmoved by the wonder of vast universe
the tale of the start of the Earth
distracted by
ancient books without proof
with tales outdated, unconnected with current world
but yet, the power of belief
and the power of knowledge
can coexist, for the smaller and the bold
it isn't wrong to have good fascinations
with what's beyond the blue of of the sky
the cosmos beyond the human eye
and forces that drive the course of the planet and all nations
there's nothing to fault in the admiration
of a higher force whose presence comforts your heart
a force omnipotent, protector of the scarred
an ideal of human creation
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 11 5
the art of moving on
the outside world
changes day by day
in a strange metamorphosis
the life out there
goes on, and time passes by
too quickly for an ordinary eye to notice
and not for one second
can I stop my thoughts
hanging outside the lightning fast pace of existence
for once upon a time
the world moved on without me
when I got hurt, cynical and resistant
you laugh at me
from your portrait above my desk,
and for once, I question your judgement's sting
is it too late
to rejoin life's course
I can't any longer to this despair cling
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 6 2
mind poison
If each tear was a curse,
piercing my heart deep and through
is each raindrop a remedy and cleanse
when, full of hope, I'll look again into the moon?
I never wanted to be robbed,
of those feelings I cherished so much
forget wanting my innocence back,
I'll dwell in desire for your touch.
I'd like to devour your charm,
I don't possess a lot of my own,
I'd like to inhale your skin,
for it's my drug soon to be gone.
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 10 2
this is only what I think you deserve
an ugly face
with an ugly heart
what an amazing union.
an interest of importance
I want to get so near
why do you resist?
i'll taste that fragile fear
from the moment I met you
you were a leech
easily forgotten
yet I fell for you indescribably
- an infantile mistake.
even though you were as lonely as me
your unique ways made you an outcast too
you relished in using and abusing
weaker links like me
I wish for the day the tables are turned, and
I can hurt you too.
a type soft, despicable, yet cunning
easy to love, one who loves winning affection,
who has no shame to get what he wants through deception
- a type you could die for,
but never will make you an exception.
he's able to devour every bit of your shell
but not guard what's inside as well.
the poison of attraction burns through his loins,
longing for your weakness
- but not for your voice.
in many ways I am exactly like him
- I'd trusted him with all of my secrets within ,
despite that
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 7 0
breaking out
your scent, your presence
once my metaphor for paradise.
your eyes, shimmering as diamonds
full of fire
my bliss in disguise.
your nails, dug in my back
your undivided attention.
the smell of lust in the air.
the thrill.
the want.
the will.
the will to expose my all
to you, and only to your sight, sadly
I don't know why.
your smile raised my spirit high,
never to be knocked back down
where the memory of you would be gone.
my endless love has been bruised.
you made me float,
let my dreams loose,
yet there was another you made feel the same.
with no word you fell distant, and it was insane.
with sweet naivety I waited, dwelling in memories
only to be awoken with lies and cover stories
that shattered my heart, in anger I forgot my own name
I've put on myself the blame
when it was a simple game
which I lost to my own shame
I lost the way to your love
you wanted to hurt me, from the start to forever
like the bunch of our memories never happened, ever
farewell, my sweet insanity...
I've been
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 6 4
forget me
there will come a day
where nothing will be left of me
and I'll remain just a vision in your
you'll look back on the time
I walked through fire to cross your path
and you'll know the view was nicer without me
you'll come alive and breathe again
with someone better by your side
lighter and free, without me there to weigh you down
do not ever be scared of it
you'll know my words are true soon
I am a monster, a danger that looms
I will disappear for the good of the world
I became too broken and for salvation I never called
and you will always be okay
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 11 8


Queen by zeits Queen :iconzeits:zeits 50 4 Herbaceous by BoxTail Herbaceous :iconboxtail:BoxTail 167 7 Colony by ryky Colony :iconryky:ryky 2,786 52 a walk by Mari-Ghostly a walk :iconmari-ghostly:Mari-Ghostly 208 36 Landing Scene by Raphael-Lacoste Landing Scene :iconraphael-lacoste:Raphael-Lacoste 2,201 46 Beauty by the lake by donghoyongcoi Beauty by the lake :icondonghoyongcoi:donghoyongcoi 559 38
Cannon Fodder
Like cannon fodder
I am flung back to my enemy
Who lingers around reflective surfaces
complacent and contrary.
I am the one who soars
like a pig raised for slaughter
fuelled by ebony explosives
towards your black dahlia garden
colourful and conniving.
I'm strung out and wrung
until I'm dry
And we cannot meet our eyes
Because I'm ever burnt out
and you're too full
to comprehend.
And like cannnon fodder
I'm similarly tossed aside
until I reabsorb all the energy you need
to fire into the enlightened gardens
Until the flowers smile again.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 18
I eat someone from within,
Itching and scratching like knowledge and sin.
I'm supposed to be shared with everybody
But by promise or choice, the same place I’ll be.
Once people know that I exist
They want to know, they insist
To know what stories I can tell.
Oh the stories I can tell.
I can tear apart a family.
I can make a child smile,
To be known is to be worthy
But it’s all worth the while.
Good or bad, it’s up to you
How you keep me,
How you tell me,
Just think your secrets through
:iconpoetry-photography:Poetry-Photography 26 6
Deer-O-Deer by thrumyeye Deer-O-Deer :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 851 20
A Helpless Thrash
A soldier fades to black
Consumed by himself  
By the fall of mankind
Forever unfazed
By the whistling bombs
The machine guns glowing
And hot with revenge
Nothing lives in his eyes
Through the quake of the ground
As he drowses in fear
Coming to, in the dark
In the void of himself
With no voice to scream
No thunder, no light
He is raised to the depths
To a quieted thrash
:iconloftydreams101:Loftydreams101 5 2
The Call
Hide no more me brothers
Hide no more me kin
Take arms for one another
We're off to war again
Take arms ye Oaken Born
Take arms ye Cherry Youth
Take arms ye Willow formed
Take arms ye Rowan Ruth
For days of dark have come
The shadows cross the sea
With a low and distant hum
Death has been set free
Hold fast ye Oaken Born
Hold fast ye Cherry Youth
Hold fast ye Willow formed
Hold fast ye Rowan Ruth
The spores have taken hold
They empty out ye minds
Their children dull the lands of old
Take back what's left behind
Rise up ye Oaken Born
And fight with strength untold
Rise up ye Cherry Youth
And let ye words be bold
Rise up ye Willow formed
And let ye story be reborn
Rise up ye Rowan Ruth
And show ye beauty be unworn
:iconjarabic:Jarabic 2 1
me, myself, and i
I muse
In self loathing
And yet
The subject is always I
Does that make me
Any less
Self absorbed?
:iconwunterboy:wunterboy 2 1
Snow White by Axsens Snow White :iconaxsens:Axsens 789 16 Alice and Mire by yasa-hime Alice and Mire :iconyasa-hime:yasa-hime 1,474 24 BW Mountains by RobinHalioua BW Mountains :iconrobinhalioua:RobinHalioua 425 16 Bridge in the Park by EveLivesey Bridge in the Park :iconevelivesey:EveLivesey 255 16



kobrakaiii's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

I am a 22 year old woman residing in England. My hobbies include, but are not limited to poetry, reading, drawing, and gaming. Besides being simply an enjoyable hobby I can resonate with, using amateur artistry also helps me to cope with the ugliness severe depression and anxiety brings to my life. The purpose of this profile will not only be to share my personal work with anyone that may happen to stumble upon it, but also to check out and admire works of other people that I may enjoy. Admittedly, most of my works have a dark theme, but not exclusively - hopefully, there is something people can resonate with about them.
Artistic resolutions, from me to me:

- Draw more. Don't listen to your head who tells you everyday that you can't do it or your family who tells you you shouldn't bother just because you're not professional at it, do it anyway. You know you can, you know it helps you, you know you don't need to even be "good enough" at it for it to make everything easier.
- Don't be afraid to share your poems. Not everyone will like them, but it doesn't matter. You deserve to have your voice heard.
- Learn and develop on your storytelling, so your writing can branch out into prose that can actually be shared. You have so many ideas, use them and use them well!
- Note down any inspiring ideas you have, so often you created something great from just a few words you thought of at a random place and time. 

More down to earth resolutions, from me to me also:

- Find a job as soon as possible, so you can work to get out of the financial problems that transpired over the course of recent past. 
- Take more care of your failing health, so at least some doctor visits can be avoided.
- Never forget to take your medication, you know you're unstable without it and there is no way in hell you can go without it at present.
- Make more effort to fix things with people that you fucked up recently.
- Stop thinking about him. He is not coming back, and there won't be anyone else, so you might as well just deal with it. 
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  • Reading: The Witcher
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Drinking: champagne



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